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It feels good to get something written again 

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The hallway was a wonderfully lit corridor of dazzling lights bouncing off silver grey walls broken by dark wood doors. Clutching the keys in his hand David walked excitedly down the corridor holding his wife Sarah close to his side. She looked amazing tonight David had thought over dinner, Her red hair shining beautifully in the delicate lighting of the restaurant and her almost porcelain skin glowing. Sarah had caught the attention of quite a few of the men in they room as they had entered the restaurant, some obviously staring, the combination of her shoulder length red hair, pale skin all wrapped up in a figure hugging little black dress and wow what a figure. She was 5 ft 7 with breasts that were a generous hand full but still very pert a slim waist which led to her wonderful curvy hips and her toned but soft ass. she really was the whole package. 

Fumbling the keys for a second David opened the hotel room door, stepping inside the automatic lights came on bathing the room in a gentle white glow. He stepped further inside and waved his hand in an almost TADA gesture beckoning for Sarah to look around, there were helium filled balloons dancing against the walls, an ice bucket holding what looked like a rather expensive bottle of champagne and three glasses, Noticing the three glasses Sarah thought it was a little odd but before she could say anything David was catching her attention once more this time in the direction of the bed. It was a huge four poster bed with what looked like a mottled red and white pattern, Stepping closer Sarah realised that it wasn't a pattern! the bed was covered in rose petals, hundreds of rose petals. It was like a subliminal message, the second she seen them she could also smell them, their beautiful scent filling the room. Sarah looked up from the bed to see David standing smiling as if waiting for her approval. 

Sarah looked him over thinking she had never seen him look so excited and nervous at the same time. He was wearing her favourite charcoal suit, looking handsome with his hair combed neatly to one side at nearly 6ft he was quite the catch himself, dark hair and gentle features with an athletic body from working out. he was in good shape and rightly proud of it too. she could already picture him naked through the suit knowing every inch of his body like a road she had travelled every day.

Reaching into his pocket David pulled out his mobile phone, looking at Sarah with a guilty smile he said " I'm going to order some room service" .... " And if you don't like what's on the menu just say no " . Sarah looked at David a little confused they had just eaten surely he couldn't still be hungry. " I'm still full from dinner " Sarah told him. " Oh this isn't food " commented David with a wink " it is something you have been hungry for though "

 David pressed a button on his mobile phone and sat himself down on a chair in the corner of the room. Barely a minute later there was a knock on the door and a deep gravelly voice announced " room service " . 
" I think it's for you " commented David, looking at Sarah and then to the door. 
With a slight hesitation Sarah made her way to the door, her stomach fluttered with a nervous excitement like someone had just released a thousand butterflies in her belly. Opening the door Sarah was instantly taken back by the man in a butler's cap and uniform that seemed way too tight. His broad smile and cool blue eyes were almost hypnotic calming her and exciting her at the same time. Backing away from the door Sarah let the would be butler in and stopped in the middle of the room between him and her husband, wondering exactly what was going on, but also having a very good idea. The thought that he was here for her got her heart racing and sent a tingle right down between her legs. David smiled at her sensing that she had just caught on to what was going on and said " If you don't like what's on the menu just say No " . Looking David straight in the eyes she replied with a wicked grin and sparkling eyes " I think I'm hungry " 

Taking the exchange between David and Sarah as his cue to start Dean took off his cap and unbuttoned the far to tight jacket, he could feel Sarah's eyes on him, she looked like she was trying to work out if this was some kind of strip show. Letting the jacket drop to the floor Dean already felt more comfortable. He stood still for a minute letting Sarah look at him and letting the tension build. Looking him up and down Sarah was surprised with the transformation. Just removing the cap and jacket had changed the man in front of her from being a well built butler in a tight jacket to being more like something from a body building magazine. His shaven head making him look a little menacing now, even with his cool blue eyes. The short sleeved white shirt was pulled taught against his muscular chest and the short sleeves left his heavily tattooed arms exposed. Sarah certainly hadn't expected that he was more beast than butler now. 

Walking up to Sarah, Dean placed his large hands on her shoulders and turned her to face David who was still sitting in the chair looking curios to what was about to unfold. Moving closer behind Sarah, Dean placed his right hand on her hip and stroked the side of her face with his left. Sarah tilted her head towards the hand savouring its touch and exposing her neck. Seeing her neck exposed Dean leaned forward placing gentle kisses up her neck and behind her ear while moving his right hand lower to the hem of Sarah's dress. Reaching just under the hem Dean could feel the smooth silky skin of her bare thigh and stroked upwards exposing more of Sarah's thigh for David to see. Travelling higher Dean reached the warm apex of Sarah's thighs making her moan as his fingers lightly traced a line over her panties, while his other hand undone the zip on the back of her dress and with an almost like magician touch her dress was laying on the floor at their feet.

Closing the space between them once more Dean pulled Sarah to him, pressing her back firmly against his chest as his hands explored her again. This time his left hand found her breasts, his big hand covering one, squeezing it through the fabric of her lacy purple bra while his fingers kneaded the exposed flesh that was not held in the cup. The bra being strapless had a very distinct advantage and just flipping the cup forward gave Dean instant access to her bare breasts, this time his fingers found her nipple. Lightly pinching and rolling the nipple between his fingers Dean could feel it hardening to his touch making Sarah throw her head back once more. Dean went for her exposed neck again but this time with gentle bites instead of kisses while his right hand travelled over her exposed stomach and down to her lacy purple panties. Feeling Sarah's breathing quicken at the contact Dean cupped her through the panties, his middle finger curling to feel her wetness through the flimsy fabric. She was already wet and with his now wet finger Dean drew a sticky line over her thigh for David to see just how wet she was. Seeing David's reaction to this, Dean pulled Sarah's panties to one side exposing her freshly shaven pussy and cupped it once more, his fingers exploring her soft plump lips, then opening them to slip one inside.

David gasped as he seen the finger slip easily into his wife's wet pussy his eyes glued to the sight in front of him. Sarah was dwarfed by this man, His powerful tattooed arms holding her tight while he teased her nipple between the finger and thumb of one hand and plunged his finger in and out of her wetness with his other hand making her writhe and moan against him just a few feet away from where David sat.

Taking his hands away from Sarah for a minute Dean removed his clothes and then helped Sarah out of hers. He unclipped her bra and let it fall to the floor. Turning Sarah to face him now Dean kissed her breast and then took her nipple gently in his mouth as he reached for her panties, kissing his way down her body as he lowered them until he was kneeling in front of her. Grabbing her ass Dean pulled her towards him, his mouth crashing against her pussy lips as his tongue darted out to part them licking greedily at her clitoris. This new ferociousness took Sarah by surprise as she moaned at the sensations passing through her clearly enjoying it, taking one of his hands off her ass dean opened her legs wider and got himself lower so Sarah almost had her leg raised resting on his shoulder. This new angle opened her wider and Dean slipped a finger inside again while he greedily licked and sucked Sarah's clitoris mercilessly until she came, Her orgasm ripping through her hard making her legs tremble and almost fall onto Dean below her.

Standing up and steadying Sarah, Dean could see that David was clearly enjoying the show. He was watching them intently while stroking his erection. He hadn't noticed but David must have released himself from his trousers while Dean was busy eating Sarah. This brought a new aspect to the party and another cock. Sarah turned to see what Dean was looking at and Seen David stroking himself but before she could reach out Dean grabbed her from behind pulling her to his chest again. Slipping a hand under her leg Dean lifted it from just behind her knee making Sarah lean back against him as she balanced on one leg. Knowing exactly where this was going Sarah reached down taking Dean's cock in her hand, she guided it into her pussy realising this was the first time she had touched it all night. It felt big and wide as it opened her up slipping into her wetness a few feet away from David who could see every detail, the way her lips were parted and stretched holding Dean's length as it pumped in and out of her. 

Feeling Sarah's leg tremble Dean let her put her other leg down bending her forward in a standing doggy style position so that she was able to touch David. She kissed him on the lips and then lowered her mouth so that she could suck his now throbbing cock, licking the head and then taking him in her mouth once more. Grabbing her hips Dean quickened his pace making Sarah moan even louder to the point where she could barely concentrate on the cock in her mouth. Feeling himself getting close to cumming Dean thrusted harder and faster almost pushing Sarah into David and then with one final deep thrust Dean exploded filling Sarah with his hot cum. After savouring the feel of Sarah's tight wet pussy for a few more seconds Dean pulled out and turned her to face him, Guiding her backwards until she impaled herself on David's erection. 

Slipping inside, David could feel how hot and wet Sarah's pussy was combined with the cum that had just been ejaculated into it. The thought of this drove David wild as he grabbed Sarah's hips burying himself as deep as possible fucking her hard and fast. Grabbing Sarah by the hair Dean guided her mouth to his cock so she could taste him and herself while David erupted filling her with his cum too. 
Having a seriously f***ing offended day 
So possibly one of the best days ever. 
While out shopping today, it turns out a lot of clothes shops are starting to sell popper crotch body suits again. 
For me this is epic because these are, for me the hottest outfits in the world. There is nothing more erotic for me than seeing someone wearing them. 
Hubba hubba woo hoo 
Reading my past few journals i have made several statements about coming back to do some more writing and failing miserably to do so. I have a very complicated job which can take me away for weeks on end. To anyone who was waiting for more instalments i can do nothing but apologise. I will try to become more active once again. There just never seems to be enough hours in a day. 

I would like to throw some lyrics out here right now and i'm sure any Ben Howard fans out there will know this song 

No man is an island 
Of this i know 
Maybe you were the ocean 
and i was just a stone

Another set of amazing lyrics come from Ryan Adams 

The lights will draw you in 
the dark will bring you down 
and the night will break your heart
but only if your lucky now 

But for me the most amazing and meaningful song is the world is Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls. 
Only one person will ever know why x


United Kingdom
This is the third time i have attempted to write this, I seem to be better at writing fiction than about myself

Ok so here goes i am a UK male who likes writing. I like to think i am very open minded with what i write and that i can turn my pen to most subjects. I tend to be quite a chatty person and i am always open to answer any questions that you might have. I love all kinds of art but i really don't have much in the way of drawing skills.

Mostly i have come to deviantART to test the water with my writing and brush up my skills I do hope to have some work in print in the next few years but i feel i have a journey to undertake first. It was only by chance that i ended up writing on here, i had spent a lot of time just watching and not taking part. The encouragement of a very special friend finally got me posting and i am so glad i made that leap of faith. That's about it for now but i will update this section as time goes by and i understand what to put in here.


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